Luxury Home Insurance

Luxury Home

Willingham Insurance Agency is proud to offer the most exclusive coverage for High Value Home Owners.  We understand that your house is your home, a major investment both financially and emotionally.  If anything disastrous should happen to your home, you want an insurance policy that is broad enough to help repair, replace or rebuild it just as it was before.  The truth is that most policies will not give you the full coverage that is needed.

Insurance for Not-So Ordinary Homes

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I’ve known Jerry Willingham for many years and found him to be the utmost in professionalism and quality service. Willingham Insurance Agency handles all my property insurance needs including multiple homes, automobiles, boats, as well as personal umbrella liability. Jerry provides quality insurance coverage at an exceptional value and is a trusted advisor. I have total peace of mind knowing my family’s insurance needs are being managed by Willingham Insurance Agency.”
–Cam Woolverton
Austin, Texas

Through Chubb, and their “Masterpiece” product for Luxury Homeowners, we offer detailed choices and features not typically found in standard policies.  An example of this would be our extended coverage for your boat dock from wind and hail which is not offered through any other company.

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Our Wildfire Defense Protection Plan

Another “white glove” feature that we now offer to our Texas Hill Country Luxury Homeowners is our Wildfire Defense Protection Plan.

If your home is located in a brush or woodland setting, you may face the very real threat of a wildfire. We can help you protect your property from wildfire with unique services, such as a complimentary on-site hazard assessment and assistance from certified wildfire fighters if a wildfire threatens. Chubb can take preventative measures such as set-up sprinkler systems around your properties perimeter and the roof of your home.  As a last resort a foaming gel may be used to protect your home from an impending wildfire.

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Valuable Articles Policy

Additionally, we offer an exclusive Valuable Articles Policy. We can help protect your most treasured possessions, jewelry, art, sculptures, antiques, coins, even wine collections and other collectables.  Our “Masterpiece” coverage will follow you and your valuables anywhere in the World with no deductible. Whatever possessions you insure, you will have the the choice to repair, replace, or keep the cash.

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 A Word about your Luxury/Sports Car Insurance

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You have a Luxury/High Value Home and chances are you have a Luxury or Sports car you are quite fond of as well.  Shouldn’t you protect it in the same manner?  Combining your Auto Insurance with your Homeowners Policy will not only will give you better pricing by “packaging” your coverage, but you can also have some of the best coverage available and enjoy “White-Glove” service as well. Here are the Top 10 Reasons you should “Package” your Auto with your Chubb Homeowners Policy as well:

  1. Agreed Value Coverage allows you to know the settlement value for your auto at the time you obtain the policy and, in the event of a covered total loss or theft, Chubb will waive the deductible.
  2. Chubb provides up to $15,000 for the “loss of use” of your car automatically and at no additional charge. Coverage can be used towards rental car upgrades, hotel accommodations and airfare when the loss occurs 50 miles or more away from home.
  3. Repair your car with the original manufacturer (OEM) parts, not generic, after-market parts.
  4. Worldwide rental vehicle coverage is provided under the liability section of the policy.  Coverage is included for both physical damage and bodily injury. (No deductible Applies)
  5. Chubb’s Masterpiece Auto Preference Services (MAPS) helps you find the highest quality repair shops in your local area.
  6. Claims are settled without depreciation for “wear and tear on parts”.
  7. Most loss payments are issued within 48 hours of settlement of claim.  After an accident, Chubb claims representatives aim to contact you within 24 hours. Additionally, Chubb claims representatives are trained to treat you with empathy, courtesy and respect.
  8. Chubb “Masterpiece” Auto Preference has the options you need such as:
    Agreed Value, lease gap, full window glass and road service coverages.
  9. Make repairs at the shop of your choice.
  10. You trust Chubb to insure your largest asset – your home.  Shouldn’t you trust Chubb to insure your largest exposure to a lawsuit – your car?

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